Our approach is founded on the core premises we share with our partners. The innate connectedness of life on the planet and the honoring of our relationships to people and place. We continue by respecting the unique positionality that each of us start off in and the subjectivity of unique experience. Our model of development, rooted as such in a process, allows for the scaling, strengthening and expanding of these relations. When we ask ourselves how we know if we’ve had an impact, the integrity of these relationships is the first place we will we look.

guiding principles

The core values we share with our indigenous partners inform our vision, mission and commitments:
We generate appreciation for the innate connectedness of life on the planet and being informed by our relationships to people and place.
We look for ways of accepting complexity, while co-creating a culture of collaboration and restoration.
We choose alignment with the times and our inner reference points to work towards sustainable solutions.
We seek to learn rather than impose what the culture is


Our short term goals are to continue to expand field school sites in the Waorani and Achuar territories of the Napo River Basin in Ecuador. There are currently two proposed sites that we hope to garner funding to develop.

With scalable funding, we are poised to mobilize to known indigenous communities in Mexico and Peru. Through our global network, we invite other cultures to test the validity of our model in their context.