our approach

Our Waorani and Achuar friends in the Ecuadorian Amazon voiced their desire to host students and researchers interested in their culture and environment in a cultural exchange that also provides them infrastructure, economic sustainability and opportunities.

Study abroad in the Amazon is a rare privilege. We provide unique opportunities to bridge seemingly disconnected worlds and bring interested students and researchers from diverse disciplines together to live, share and learn with the communities of our Waorani and Achuar partners. The transformational exchange occurs in both directions, for the community and for the students and researchers who come.

The field school links students and researchers to indigenous communities in a safe, comfortable infrastructure where they’re supported in the immersive learning of indigenous culture and the biodiversity of the environment.

The field school contributes to development of sustainable infrastructure on indigenous land, access to basic services, sustainable employment and economic well-being. Through development of pedagogical materials and human resource training, the community members build capacity to host, converse, share and learn from their exposure with the students and researchers.

Field schools are one element to the alternative development approach. While the schools provide access to employment and opportunities to the community, they also are a catalyst for the training of indigenous people in other sought-after skills.

The growth of our network strengthens the linkages and opportunities to the Waorani and Achuar communities. Through this garnered attention and the opportunities it brings, the community ensures their hope in their fight against oil exploitation.